Our mission is to provide you with the help you may need during a time of uncertainty.  We offer

  • Free pregnancy tests

    The first step is often to determine whether you are actually pregnant.  We offer quality pregnancy tests at no charge, and are prepared to discuss the results with you, whatever they may be.

  • Accurate Information

    What to do during an unplanned pregnancy is a difficult but very important decision.  In order to choose the best course of action, you need to know all your options.  We want to make sure you have all the information and that it is information you can trust.

  • Confidential Support

    At the Pregnancy Support Center we believe you deserve care and support.  As you talk to our trained volunteers, we can help you clarify your situation and find resources to create positive solutions.  Every conversation you have and any test results are kept private and confidential.

  • Community Referrals

    Sometimes knowing where to go for help is half the battle.  We are happy to direct you toward agencies within your own community, no matter if your needs are medical, housing, legal, or concerning adoption.

You are our focus and priority.


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